Add A Blog To Any Website

So how do you add a blog to your existing website. First we need to download WordPress from You can upload through a FTP, or log into your host dashboard and install WordPress using the already provided WordPress download. Since we do not want to ReDesign our existing website and only add a blog page we will simply install WordPress in the subroot directory on your server. If you wish to go fully dynamic install in the root directory.

Once installed you will then login to your dashboard. Example of Login is (url wp-admin) The wp-admin must always appear in order to log in. Now since we are not Re-Designing the site and just adding a blog page it would look like this to log in. (url/blog/wp-admin)

Now that you have a blog and have logged in WordPress site, it’s time for your site to start taking shape. I have listed these in order. This must be done this way or you will never get your site to appear properly.

  • Add Pages first, decide what you will name them and click on the page tab on the fly out menu to your left.
  • Add Menu, to get to the menu you will need to locate the appearance tab on the left. The first thing you need to is name the menu. Header Menu,Footer Menu and Sidebar Menu. Now look to the lower left and you will see you pages. Select all pages and hit apply. If you want sub page drop downs simply drag the new page menu over a notch to the right under the appropriate name.
  • Change Permalinks is important, you will find this under the Settings tab. Click on permalinks. Most people name them %postname% this renames your pages from numbers to the name of the page you included in the menu.
  • Install a great feature to add to a web design. Once connected by clicking on the menu tab called Jetpack you will see many useful choices. My favorite is the Stats. This feature is free and allows you to see what visitor came to your site when, and best of all what key words they used to find you.
  • Add plug-ins and once installed you will add widgets to your site. An easy way to think of this is that each plug in is a widget. My favorite is Ultimate SEO. So for sake of keeping with this web design article type in Ultimate SEO. Once you see it in the list click on install. Once installed Click on Activate.

Now you are set with the very basic knowledge to start blogging

About the author:
Shawn Riddle founder of A Gorgeous Advertising is a expert in WordPress Web Development, since 2002.

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