A Web Design offers embedded SEO snippets on all wordpress web sites. The snippets make it easy to understand your SEO and manage it to get to the top of the key page you are striving for.

We do keyword research, plan and execute a SEO strategy.

Link Building

Keywords tags are used to identify a web sites keywords. Google searches your site and looks for the keywords in the page content and the title tag, then compares them to other good content websites with matching meta key word tags. This is were google decides to back link your site. Content is king even when creating meta keyword tags.Google only accepts the fist 100k. – Visit SEO LOGIC to learn more

H1 Tags

H1 Tags are seldom used by the average website user, simply how big the H1 Tag displays the content. In order to for google to match you up with other sites you must have a H1 Tag on each page. H1 Tags or header tags are very big and ugly. So how come all these site have a high index of back linking but you do not see the huge ugly header text. By understanding CSS you can make a H1 tage any size you want. – Visit CSS BASICS to learn more.

Search Engines Spiders

Googles Web Master Tools is the first place to start submiting your website. Now if you really want a great way to submit your website to over 150 search engines with the click of a button go to GODADDY and get the Search Engine Visibility. and useAlexa daily. The first thing is certify your site for free  and watch how your back linking increases, traffic rate rises. works great for getting more links.
Link Market – Free Link Exchange, Link Building and Link Trade Directory
Have you ever tried to exchange links, link building, or trade links? Was it hard? Use link market instead; – it is easy to use, free and very smart. It will save you hours of work.

Free Link Directory and Article Resources

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Pay Per Click Web Design

There are two primary models for determining cost per click: flat-rate and bid-based. In both cases the advertiser must consider the potential value of a click from a given source. This value is based on the type of individual the advertiser is expecting to receive as a visitor to his or her website, and what the advertiser can gain from that visit, usually revenue, both in the short term as well as in the long term. As with other forms of advertising targeting is key, and factors that often play into PPC campaigns include the target’s interest (often defined by a search term they have entered into a search engine, or the content of a page that they are browsing), intent (e.g., to purchase or not), location (for geo targeting), and the day and time that they are browsing.

Flat-rate PPC

In the flat-rate model, the advertiser and publisher agree upon a fixed amount that will be paid for each click. In many cases the publisher has a rate card that lists the CPC within different areas of their website or network. These various amounts are often related to the content on pages, with content that generally attracts more valuable visitors having a higher CPC than content that attracts less valuable visitors. However, in many cases advertisers can negotiate lower rates, especially when committing to a long-term or high-value contract.

The flat-rate model is particularly common to comparison shopping engines, which typically publish rate cards.[4] However, these rates are sometimes minimal, and advertisers can pay more for greater visibility. These sites are usually neatly compartmentalized into product or service categories, allowing a high degree of targeting by advertisers. In many cases, the entire core content of these sites is paid ads

Bid-based PPC

In the bid-based model, the advertiser signs a contract that allows them to compete against other advertisers in a private auction hosted by a publisher or, more commonly, an advertising network. Each advertiser informs the host of the maximum amount that he or she is willing to pay for a given ad spot (often based on a keyword), usually using online tools to do so. The auction plays out in an automated fashion every time a visitor triggers the ad spot.

When the ad spot is part of a search engine results page (SERP), the automated auction takes place whenever a search for the keyword that is being bid upon occurs. All bids for the keyword that target the searcher’s geo-location, the day and time of the search, etc. are then compared and the winner determined. In situations where there are multiple ad spots, a common occurrence on SERPs, there can be multiple winners whose positions on the page are influenced by the amount each has bid. The ad with the highest bid generally shows up first, though additional factors such as ad quality and relevance can sometimes come into play (see Quality Score).

In addition to ad spots on SERPs, the major advertising networks allow for contextual ads to be placed on the properties of 3rd-parties with whom they have partnered. These publishers sign up to host ads on behalf of the network. In return, they receive a portion of the ad revenue that the network generates, which can be anywhere from 50% to over 80% of the gross revenue paid by advertisers. These properties are often referred to as a content network and the ads on them as contextual ads because the ad spots are associated with keywords based on the context of the page on which they are found. In general, ads on content networks have a much lower click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) than ads found on SERPs and consequently are less highly valued. Content network properties can include websites, newsletters, and e-mails.[5]

Advertisers pay for each click they receive, with the actual amount paid based on the amount bid. It is common practice amongst auction hosts to charge a winning bidder just slightly more (e.g. one penny) than the next highest bidder or the actual amount bid, whichever is lower.[6] This avoids situations where bidders are constantly adjusting their bids by very small amounts to see if they can still win the auction while paying just a little bit less per click.

To maximize success and achieve scale, automated bid management systems can be deployed. These systems can be used directly by the advertiser, though they are more commonly used by advertising agencies that offer PPC bid management as a service. These tools generally allow for bid management at scale, with thousands or even millions of PPC bids controlled by a highly automated system. The system generally sets each bid based on the goal that has been set for it, such as maximize profit, maximize traffic at break even, and so forth. The system is usually tied into the advertiser’s website and fed the results of each click, which then allows it to set bids. The effectiveness of these systems is directly related to the quality and quantity of the performance data that they have to work with – low-traffic ads can lead to a scarcity of data problem that renders many bid management tools useless at worst, or inefficient at best.

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Search Engine Marketing

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Web Design SEO Tools

SEO is one of the most important things to consider when building a website.  SEO can be very simple if you use the tools available to you

By adding this do it your self maintain feature to your site you will be sure to get that peace of mind that your site map is being read,  pages are indexed, and that you fall in the guide lines of googles search.

Ultimate SEO
SEO Tool for WordPress, Easy to manage Search Engine Optimisation

Google Keyword Tool
Is a great key word tool and is free

Godaddy Search Engine Visibility
Fantastic tool to go over a 10 point SEO checklist on for your website.

Alexa Site Audit
Increase Traffic, Extensive Insite, Peace of Mind

Commission Junction
This site will get you stated by adding banners to your website for a commission. This will give your site the look and feel of an already established site thus obtaining loyal traffic.

Website with good SEO have a website layout for SEO called SEO architecture.   This is done by positioning text high on the page to the far left . Also never use image  text. SEO and images do not get along. So make sure to get rid of any flash banners you have high on the page and fill your site with good descriptive content. Describe your website well with good keywords. Using the tools listed will help.

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